How to reach Monemvasia

How to travel @ Monemvasia

As far as the ”how you are going to travel to Monemvasia” is concerned, you have four ”standard” options.

The distance from Athens to Monemvasia –if you use the new motorway A71 & Sparta’s new peripheral motorway (Skoura – Piri) is about 335 km; it takes approximately 3 hours with normal driving. The distance between Monemvasia and the town of Molaoi (Μολάοι in Greek) is 25 km.

#1 Renting a car from Athens

The distance from Athens to Monemvasia is about 310 km (and 25 km from the city of Molai). It usually takes from 3.5 up to 4 hours with normal driving. Here you can find some options:


#2 Hiring a taxi from Athens to Monemvasia

#2 Hiring a taxi from Athens to Monemvasia (and possibly renting a car in Monemvasia for your local excursions). The taxi drivers that provide this ”door to door” service are based in Monemvasia but do this ”back and forth” every couple of days. The cost varies depending on whether you hire the taxi just for yourself or the taxi driver will have other passengers as well. In the later case the cost per person is something close to 40 euros per person. If you choose to hire the taxi for yourself only, that will probably cost around 180 – 200 euros. Keep in mind that -since the taxi drivers follow this schedule every 2 or 3 days- you have to book a driver as soon as you have the final info regarding your trip. Should you choose this option I can help you finding a driver.

We trust and recomend these drivers:


#3 Taking a bus from Athens

#3 Taking a bus from Athens; it takes something like five hours but it is much more affordable in terms of cost. More hours but cheaper; something like 30 euros per person. Find more info here:

Bus Service Monemvasia: 27320-22209

Bus Service Athens: 210 5124913


#4 Arriving at the the airport of Kalamata

#4 Arriving at the the airport of Kalamata (that’s a city in Southern Peloponnese) and either hiring a taxi from there or taking the bus instead (with the bus however you will have to change in the city of Sparta and this will ”cost” you several hours of waiting there).

The cost of getting a taxi from Kalamata’s airport to Monemvasia is something in the range of 170 – 200 euros and the distance is approximately 180 km (something close 2 – 2:30 hours). It isn’t the most cost effective approach but should you choose to take this option you will save at least an hour and you can still rent a car in Monemvasia for your local excursions (the cost of renting a car in Monemvasia will be something in between 30 – 40 euros per day). Keep also in mind that it might be easier to find more affordable tickets to Kalamata’s airport than to Athens Int. Airport. Find more info here:

Find more here:

Athens Airport

Kalamata Airport


Fancy Bicycles?

Renting of bicycles will cost around 5 – 8 euros per day & the renting of a motorbike -depending on the engine- will cost around 15 – 25 euros per day. These prices are indicative and negotiable; more days better prices. Keep also in mind that -during summer- you have to reserve the SOONEST possible!!!

I will provide you with all the details and the exact costs in time in order to help you deciding.


#5 Extras

* As far as parking is concerned you can park your car upon the 1.5 km road from the entrance of the castle till the new town of Monemvasia, Gefyra. For motorbikes and bicycles a specially designated area has been reserved at the entrance of the castle.

** Usually, during summer there is also a connection by sea with Piraeus, some 84 nautical miles away. Find more here:



How to reach Monemvasia
How to reach Monemvasia


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