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There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy during your visit:

Virtual Tour of Monemvasia

The Municpality of Monemvasia, like other parts of the Peloponnese, boasts a large number of historic monuments that have survivied the passage of time. Ranging from prehistoric to classical, Byzantine to the more recent past, these include the unique medieval fortress of Monemvasia, with its well-preserved buildings of the Lower and Upper Towns, and the exhibits in the Monemvasia Archaeological Collection.

Meanwhile the folklore musuems of Velies and Riechia provide a wealth of information about the region’s daily life and culture.

The Christian tradition, another important aspect of the region’s history, is represented in dozens of churches and monasteries that are witness not only to the local population’s spiritual life but the skills of their master craftsmen and artists who built and decorated these places of worship.

Cultural life in the Muncipality of Monemvasia today takes the form of all kinds of events such as concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions. The biggest cultural festival is the Ritseia, a major celebration in summer dedicated to the poet Yannis Ritsos, Monemvasia’s most famous son, whose work has received recognition around the world.

via Municipality of Monemvasia


Historic Sites

  1. Fortress town of Monemvasia
  2. In the steps of Pausanias
  3. Ancient Asopos
  4. Ancient Epidaurus Limera
  5. Cape Maleas Lighthouse
  6. Castle of Agia Paraskevi at Mesochori
  7. Zarakas fortress
  8. Carved Asclepium
  9. Talanta Watermill
  10. Palaiokastro
  11. Pavlopetri
  12. Walls of Ancient Kyphanta
  13. German Watchtower

via Municipality of Monemvasia


More Activities at Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a great place for several activities for all tastes! Starting with  easy  walking tours inside the Castle, studing the architecture history of the Castle or exploring the nature around. For the adrenaline seekers there are plenty of challenging activities like  climbing and exploring the Upper Town of Monemvasia or hard hiking trails, like the one leading to Cape Maleas.

Monemvasia and Southeastern Laconia area is well known as a great place to get away and enjoy:

  • – Hiking and trekking
  • – Cycling and mountain biking
  • – Scuba diving
  • – Wine tasting
  • – Cooking lessons

You can download a detailed guide of all activities in pdf format HERE 


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