Easter at Monemvasia

Celebrate Easter in Monemvasia’s Castle and feel this unique mystagogic aura:



All Easter services are held in the church of Elkomenos Christos. On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the traditional ceremony of burning an effigy of Judas is held outside the church. Fireworks are encased in the wood and straw effigy, exploding as the fire is lit.

Easter Sunday on  1 May  2016

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The Klidonas Custom. July 23-24

The custom of Klidonas takes place on the 23rd and 24th of July, that is on the eve and the same day of the birth of John the Baptist.


The two days celebration has two phases: On the eve of the celebration, a fire is lit above which everybody jumps while “the silent water” is also carried. On the same day of the celebration, Klidonas is opened and the “destinies” are revealed. What follows is a continuous round of pleasures.

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The silent water

On the eve of Saint John’s feast the custom of the silent water is celebrated.
In the evening of the same day the single girls of the neighborhood gathered at the house that would accommodate Klidonas. One or more of the girls had to fetch water from the spring – the silent water as they used to call it- since they had to remain silent all through the way from the spring to the village and the house that were all gathered and talk to no one no matter whathappened. If any of the girls happened to speak, the whole process should start from the very beginning.

* Information and photographic material by the Cultural Club of Agios Nickolaos Voion and Metamorfosi (Emmanouil Konstantinou Anastasakis, Xenia Perivolari and Manolis Moutsatsos)

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